Installing Pliant under Linux

Step 1: download

Use your favorite browser, connect to and download the latest release.
The Linux tarballs end with .tgz

Step 2: extract

Extract the tarball to /

Assuming that you downloaded pliant-99.tgz tarball to /tmp/ directory, then the command to extract it is:

cd /
tar -zxv -f /tmp/pliant-99.tgz

You need to be 'root' to do that.

Step 3: adjust ownership

Assuming that the Unix user you are using is 'myself', then the command to adjust ownership is:

mkdir /pliant_security/
chown -R myself /pliant_security/
chown -R myself /pliant_data/

You also need to be 'root' to do that.

Step 4: run

Open an X11 shell prompt, then, if you run a 32 bits Linux system, type in:


or if you run a 64 bits Linux system, type in:


After a few minutes (be patient) the Pliant main window should open.
You don't need to be 'root' to run Pliant.

Linux install FAQ

I don't want to install Pliant at /

With the last Pliant releases, you can install Pliant wherever you want in your files tree.

How to uninstall Pliant ?

Pliant uses three directories:
Just remove these three directories. Pliant is expected not to add or modify any file outside these three directories.