Installing Pliant under Windows

Step 1: download

Use your favorite browser, connect to and download the latest release.
The Windows tarballs end with .zip

Step 2: extract

Extract the tarball to C:\

In order to extract files, clic with the right button on the icon of the tarball, then select 'Extract all ...'
Please, be sure to select C:\ as the target directory for extracting files.

Step 3: run

Open the C:\pliant_program\binary\win32-i386\ directory, and double click on 'fullpliant' executable to start it.

After a few minutes (be patient) the Pliant main window should open.

Windows install FAQ

I don't want to install Pliant at C:\

With latest Pliant releases, you can install Pliant wherever you want.

How to uninstall Pliant ?

Pliant uses three directories:
Just remove these three directories. Pliant is expected not to add or modify any file outside these three directories. More precisely, Pliant will not upgrade any of your Windows library so that it should not disturb any of your existing applications.

I've waited several minutes, but the Pliant windows never opened !

Try to open a Windows prompt, then type in:

c:\pliant_program\binary\win32-i386\pliant-debug1.exe module /pliant/install/minimal.pli module /pliant/fullpliant/run.pli

The standard for distributing a Windows application is not to provide a ZIP file, but a self extracting executable that will automatically launch some install wizard. Where can I find it ?

Boris Reitman provides auto extracting Windows executables here, also it might not be up to date at any time.