Installing Pliant on an Android smartphone

Pliant can now (early 2016) run on an Android smartphone, using SDL 2.0 as the user interface API, provided the Smartphone uses an Atom processor as opposed to ARM.
An (the only) example is Asus Zenphone 2 (ZE551ML).

In order to run Pliant :

1. Install the pliant.apk package.

2. Create Android/data/org.fullpliant.pliant/ directory with 'pliant_program' 'pliant_data' and 'pliant_security' within on an USB key, and mount the USB key.

3. Run 'Pliant' application. It it closes immediately, then it does not work. If it displays 'Fullpliant homepage' something like one minute, then it's ok.

4. Create /sdcard/Android/data/org.fullpliant.pliant/ directory and copy the content of  'pliant_program' 'pliant_data' and 'pliant_security' directories there.

5. Stop Pliant application, remove the USB key, then restart Pliant application.