Pliant development environment

Selecting the right development environment for you

There are three possible development environment for Pliant:
. the interpreter
. the command line
. the integrated development environment

Here are the guideline to select the best suited for you.
You might start through typing a fiew examples in the interpreter for a quarter an hour to comme more familiar with Pliant, but then, you should switch to either command line or the integrated development environment. If you installed Pliant under Linux or Windows and are already familiar with a text editor, you'll probably start with the command line. On the other hand, if you are using FullPliant operating system, you will use the integrated development environment.

First steps

This article is not usable, as is. 'A first Pliant UI application' article provides a more effective step by step introduction to developping and running a first Pliant program.

A first Pliant UI application