Installing virtual computers under FullPliant


Virtual computers are used to run emulated full PCs.
Emulated full PCs are the most secured to run an untrusted application under FullPliant.


Select 'Install' 'Install or upgrade virtual computers support' from FullPliant main menu.
It will pick from the executables tarball suited for FullPliant the subset of executables required to run KVM Linux virtualization solution.
See /pliant/fullpliant/install/virtual.ui script for extra details. For a description of the involved 'fullpliant_select' function, see the documentation about the script building the executables tarball.

Using virtual computers

Virtual computers disk images are located in 'file:/virtual/image/' directory, and have '.disk' as the extension.
Use 'Dashboard' 'Virtual' to from FullPliant main menu to start virtual computers, stop them or see their virtual screen content.

For easy files exchange between the virtual computer and the 'root' Pliant instance using the Pliant file browser, you can install an instance of Pliant within the virtual computer (emulated PC), so that it will be seen just as a remote Pliant.

Running Pliant as a service in a virtual computer running Ubuntu

... helper script to be written ...

Running Pliant as a service in a virtual computer running Windows

Install Pliant through untaring Pliant tarball for windows to C:\

Then run c:\pliant\fullpliant and use 'Dashboard' 'Once' to configure it.
... step by step process to be added ...

To be found: how to have Pliant automatically started on boot.