Pliant language and FullPliant operating system
Old news

2018-6-13: Pliant relase 114 published.
  Corrected a many years old concurrency bug in memory allocation.
  Added HTTPS support for Pliant web server.
  Added 'remote program' server.
  You can try FullPliant operating system in a KVM virtual computer.
  Many small improvements in FullPliant operating system.
  Many others (diff is roughly 20000 lines)

2016-9-9: Pliant release 113 published.
   Better code generator, uses Spritz instead of RC4, OSX version is using SDL2 instead of X11, works on Android x86 smartphones.
   Many others (diff is roughly 25000 lines)

2014-10-20: Pliant release 112 published.

2014-5-29: Pliant release 111 published. Very good reliability.

2014-2-18: Pliant release 110 published.

2013-9-7: Pliant release 109 published.


1999: Pliant language initial release.